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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Capital Protected / Guaranteed Products now on review for you...

With the global markets undergoing serious volatility at present the first concern of sensible investors is with the safety of their capital.

Many banks and investment houses are facing huge losses at the moment and most funds and investment schemes will be very fortunate to make any profit at all.

Most of our products are 100% capital guaranteed so you can rest assured your capital is safe when investing with us.

By simply leaving your money in a bank on either term or bond deposits and receiving interest payment does not protect you against the inflation of the money supply and the consequent deflation of purchasing power for your money. In fact, dollar deposits and bonds have seen their purchasing power decline in excess of 40% over the last five years – even after allowing for interest receipts.

Our programs are designed to permit you to ‘hedge’ your cash with investment in these ‘hard’ assets, thereby giving you the possibility of strong capital gains while also giving you 100% Capital guaranteed protection of your original capital.

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