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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Capital Flight from the USA: What's Your Flight Number ?

It's been going on for quietly some time now. Astute investors have been positioning themselves and their capital strategically around the world to 'hedge' against all potential contingencies. But lately, the writing on the wall is no more a mere subtlety only to be noticed by the critically astute. We seem to be getting hit over the head with a club and the powers that be no longer seem concerned about keeping their intentions quiet and behind the scenes.

Thus, any intelligent human being has to stand up and take notice, take heed and act appropriately.

Last week the leaders of the world met to try and get a grasp on the global currency wars. As each world currency is debased so that the issuing country can try and keep selling goods to the rest of the world, we're seeing something spectacular happen. Gold has risen against 72 out of 72 fiat currencies around the world. So, it doesn't matter if it's the US Dollar, or the Zimbabwean dollar, they are all falling against gold.

The internet, globalization of business and satellite communications have brought the world to your doorstep and nobody has any excuse these days for being 'myopic' in their business and financial planning.

Okay, so just what is the problem? The problem is inflation versus deflation. The thing that central bankers lose sleep over is a deflationary spiral such as the "Japanese situation". Yet the only thing that they think they can do about it is continue to print money and toss it into the system, hoping against hope that it keeps us grinding along long enough that eventually the economy recovers. Sorry, that might have worked so many years ago when we were a stand alone nation. Now we are DEPENDENT on China. We depend on Brazil. We depend on Japan.

China is quite troubled over what we've been doing and what we continue to tell them to do. Time after time China has told the US that we had better get our house in order before barking orders to others. I can't say I blame them. We have a Treasury Secretary that is in charge of trillions of dollars in US policy, and yet couldn't do a tax return? We have a Central banker who never saw a single ill coming our way, but now supposedly knows how to fix it? We have just announced to the world that some 60 MILLION US mortgages might be/could be/probably are fraudulent. We just told the world that there's a good possibility that a million or more so called assets we sold as Mortgage backed securities are probably worthless. When the rest of the world is witness to such insanity, is there any wonder why they're tired of us?

You've heard the term: '

'The World is Your Oyster'.

What does that signify?

Consider the oyster itself:
It contains food
It contains riches
It exists very peacefully in a fantastic world under the sea teaming with life, colors and creatures of all kinds
It is securely protected by a hard outer shell making it almost impenetrable.

If this article confuses you and you're not sure about what we're talking about, don't worry. Then it's not intended for you.

If this does ring a bell with you loud and clear, and you would like to explore options for repositioning assets in ways that may be beneficial to your long term financial health, then we should talk.

This may be your final boarding call ....

We hope you find this informative and possibly stimulating to your thought processes. So, let us know your ideas.