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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

US LNG offer....

Procedures are CI, Dip, Pay. Metric Ton pricing is not available.

There are several LNG ports in the USA.

Depending on the buyer's destination and if he has the proper licensing, the buyer will make a request according to his logistics.

 Email  for full details if you are the buyer, or buyer's mandate.

*Seller does not issue formal SCO's or FCO's

Commodity :             LNG  (Liquified Natural Gas)
Quantity:                    3,000,000 gal. per week (after initial lift schedule)
Liftable:                      See schedule below
LNG Origin:               USA
Term of Delivery:        FOB
Contract:                    up to 10 years and longer, by request
Price:                          $1.23 gross / $1.28 net USD per gal.  
Inspection:                SGS or equivalent 
Payment:                   By MT103 for liftable 
Delivery Location:   FOB -  USA, Canada or Mexico

Direct USA Hard Money Lender

Hard Money Loans—for people who either need money faster than the conventional loan process or for people who have been turned down by the conventional banks but have a loan scenario that makes good business sense.

We Lend on the following type of properties: 

Non Owner Occupied Single Family Residences 
Multi Family Buildings 
Office Buildings 
Industrial Buildings 
Self Storage Facilities 
Strip Centers 
Mixed Use Properties 
Skilled Nursing Facilities 

What we do not lend on or do: 

Ground Up Construction 
Project Development 
Golf Courses 

We actively solicit loans in the following states: 


However; we will lend anywhere in the United States if we like the deal.

        Some of our most recent fundings include: 

1. $3.1 mil Refinance on a Grocery-Anchored Retail Center located in the Chicago IL area 

2. $3.19 mil Purchase Loan on a 423 Unit Multi Family Residence located in Atlanta GA 

3. $4.4 mil Discounted Note Payoff on a Portfolio of Commercial Properties in Michigan 

4. $3.6 mil Purchase Loan on a 354 unit Multi Family Residence located in Jacksonville FL 

5. $2.47 mil Purchase Loan on a 200 unit Multi Family Residence in Las Vegas NV 

Our Minimum loan amounts are as follows: 

$200k In California and Las Vegas 

Everywhere else b/t $500k to $ 1 mil 

90% of our loans fall between the following terms: 

$500k-$ 6 million in size (we will go as high as $10-$12 mil per loan) 
60% LTV or 65% Loan To Purchase (whichever is less) 
1-2 years (we will consider a series of two 6 month options for and added cost)
Interest only 
10% -12% 
2-4 lender points 
6 months prepayment penalty 
1st Deed Trust 

**We would consider providing 100% Financing if the borrower has additional collateral to cross**

Typical Loan Scenarios: 

Discounted Note Payoffs (We have a strong appetite for these) 
Purchase Money & Refinance Transactions 
Bank Turn Downs 
Need Cash Fast 
Cash Out 
Note Purchases 
Make Sense Lending 

Why Use Us: 

Sensible/Creative Underwriting Guidelines 
Broker Friendly 

***Because we place investor money in both a fund structure and in a syndicated fashion through a private investor pool, our lending platform is very flexible, which allows us to capitalize and be creative in our underwriting when we see the opportunity. 

No upfront fees other than Direct Expense of Loan. Our process is: 
1. Review the project 
2. Conference call with Principal & Broker 
3. LOI to end the negotiations & set aside money 
4. Direct Expense of Loan- In SoCal-$1500 - $2000. Outside of SoCal- $3000 - $10,000(Estimate) 
Direct Expense of the loan consists of Site Visit (airfare, Rental Car & Hotel stay if necessary), Loan Docs, Borrower/s Background Check, Legal and Due Diligence 

**Rodeo capital does not profit on any of these costs at all and invoices will be available upon request. 

We look for the following 3 things in every Loan: 

1) 60% LTV or 65% Loan to Purchase 
2) Borrower/Property with the ability to Service our interest only debt 
3) Clear Exit Strategy from our loan 

If you have a funding request to make; please e mail over the following 8 questions answered. Based on your answers; we will give you our level of interest and what documents are needed to arrive at a funding decision. 

1) size of loan? 
2) Type & Address of property? 
3) Value of property? (please be prepared to back up this value with docs) 
4) Use of proceeds? 
5) Length of loan? 
6) Exit strategy? 
7) Borrower’s expectation of rate & points? 
8) Besides you…are there any other brokers attached? 

Monday, February 24, 2014

1-Point Commercial Bridge Loans

First, what is a bridge loan? To put it simply, it is a fast, short-term, somewhat expensive commercial loan used to cover short-term cash flow needs.  Most commercial bridge lenders will be very interested to hear the borrower's exit strategy. 

Now for some facts and FAQ:

Interest Rate:  14.9%
Loan Fee:  1 point + $950 (nothing up-front)
Term:  Six months
Prepayment Penalty:  None
Maximum Loan-to-Value Ratio:  65% (70% on purchases)
Properties:  Multifamily (5+ units), Commercial, and Industrial

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Can I use this program to fix and flip houses?
A:  Sorry, but no.  Home loans pay off too quickly to allow us to make any dough.
Q:  Will you lend to foreign nationals?
A:  Yes
Q:  Why is the interest rate so high?
A:  This bridge loan program is designed for borrowers who will only keep our loan for a few weeks or a few months.
Q:  Can I get a 6-month or a one-year extension for a point or two?
A:  It's usually not necessary to pay any extra points.  If the loan goes past maturity, the interest rate simply goes up some.  This way, if your borrower ends up keeping our commercial bridge loan for seven months, he doesn't have to pay some huge extension fee for that one extra month.  We pass the entire interest rate increase on to our private investors, so usually they are quite content to keep receiving payments.
Q:  What types of commercial properties will you finance?
A:   Apartments, office buildings, retail buildings, strip centers, shopping centers, warehouses, industrial buildings, self storage facilities, hotels, motels, office condo's, commercial condo's, industrial condo's, marinas, health care properties, and gentlemen's clubs.
Q:  Will you make your commercial bridge loan as a second mortgage?
A:  We would be willing to consider a commercial second mortgage, but usually the underlying bank would prohibit our second mortgage.  That being said, it wouldn't hurt to ask the underlying commercial bank if it would allow us to make a new commercial second mortgage.

Got a transaction that needs a bridge loan, or some other type of financing? Then visit us right now 


        We will then contact you by phone and by e-mail to complete your funding quickly.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

What forms does project financing take?

Project finance can take the form of financing of the construction of a new capital installation, or refinancing of an existing installation, with or without improvements. 

In such transactions, the lender is usually paid solely or almost exclusively out of the money generated by the contracts for the facility’s output, such as the electricity sold by a power plant. 

The borrower is usually a Special Purpose Entity  (SPE) that is not permitted to perform any function other than developing, owning, and operating the installation. The consequence is that repayment depends primarily on the project’s cash flow and on the collateral value of the project’s assets.

We offer project financing options for all those who qualify. 

With this method of funding the lender looks primarily to the revenues generated by a single project, both as the source of repayment and as security for the exposure. 

Project Finance transactions play an important role in financing development throughout the world. As stated above, this type of financing is usually for large, complex and expensive installations that might include, for example, power plants, chemical processing plants, mines, transportation infrastructure, environment, and telecommunications infrastructure.

The process begins by providing us with 4 simple pieces of information.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Focus on one specific target market to increase profits.

Why? Because choosing the right target market allows you to become laser focused on addressing their particular challenges and simplifies your marketing efforts at the same time.

If you want to increase your odds of failing, try marketing your services and products to an undefined audience. Most small business owners avoid making a decision to target a specific market and try and be “all things to all people”.

To increase efficiency, eliminate wasted time and money on activities that are random and unfocused, be clear about who you work with.

Directing your marketing efforts towards a specific market increases the clarity of your message and heightens your visibility to a much broader market. Defining a target market will not limit your business.

USA  Commercial Funding:

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hard Money Loans

Hard  money loans are very popular today because they are not based on personal credit.

In order to qualify for a hard money loan, the principal has to have a tangible asset for collateral – meaning a property.

An example of a tangible asset can include a multi-family building, a strip mall or a piece of land that is 50-90% developed.

Property Types: Multi-Family, Condo Buildings, Mixed Use, Hotels, Motels, Retail, Industrial, Office Buildings, High-Rise Buildings, Shopping Malls, Strip Centers, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Casinos
and more...

These hard money loans can close in 14-45 days, depending on how pro-active the principal is and how viable their deal is.

Loan Size $500,000 to no limit!!

Contact us now for more information: Larry/Clara at

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Can Preferred Equity Save Investors?

It's now the year 2014.  You have a $1,950,000 first mortgage ballooning, and you suddenly realize that you have a problem.  During the trough of the Great Recession, your $2.6 million strip center had fallen in value to just $2 million.  Fortunately, with the recovery, your strip center is now worth $2.5 million; but that's still not enough.

The big problem is that few commercial banks will make commercial real estate loans in excess of 58% to 63% loan-to-value today.  Even if you could convince a bank to make you a loan of $1,575,000 (63% of $2.5 million), the proceeds of the loan won't be enough to pay off your $1,950,000 existing first mortgage. Not good...!! 

Even forgetting about points and closing costs, that leaves you short $375,000.  The bank will expect you to bring the shortfall to the closing; but you don't have $375,000 in cash!  You barely survived the Great Recession without losing any property.  To make matters worse, you personally guaranteed the loan from the bank. 

You're in deep trouble.  Your dog could leave you, and your wife could bite you.

You sit down with your banker, and you ask him, "What if I could find a hard money lender to make a $375,000 second mortgage?"  The banker replies, "Commercial banks won't allow second mortgages behind their commercial first mortgages these days.  They don't want the property overburdened with debt.  The danger is that if the owner's cash flow gets tight, he might be tempted to use the money earmarked for repairs and maintenance to make the payments on the second mortgage.  The property will fall into disrepair, the tenants will move out, and the bank will end up foreclosing on a run-down, vacant strip center with a leaking roof and mold all over it."

"So, what can I do?" you ask the banker.  He replies, "You need to find a partner to contribute $375,000 in cash to the deal, in return for a partial ownership of the building."  

Forget going to your brother-in-law, begging for cash, he is as impoverished as you are.

Luckily for you, we are the only realty capital provider in the country that make small preferred equity investments (its easier to think of them as preferred equity loans), from $100,000 to $600,000.  Most preferred equity providers won't even look at deals smaller than $3 million.

We agree to invest $300,000 in preferred equity into your property, bringing the preferred equity capital stack (the sum of the first mortgage plus the preferred equity) up to 75% of value.  This means that you still have to bring to the closing table $75,000 in cash, but this smaller amount is far more manageable.  It sure beats defaulting on your balloon payment and getting sued for the deficiency.

Want to know more? Tap Here Now